Thursday, May 10, 2012


My Lytro arrived last night. Haven't had much chance yet to play with it - first attempts weren't great. It doesn't have quite the ISO an sensitivity of the 5dII. Is going to take some getting used to. The small postage sized rear screen is a bit tough to use for composing - biggest thing is that it can be hard to see at odd angles.
Form factor is different from any camera I've ever used before. Fits in the hand well, but feel like I want a case of some sort for carrying it around. Finding one of quite the right size should be fun. The front lens cover is magnetic - not sure why but there isn't a similar one for the back.

Tried a few more frames this morning, but managed to get out of the house without the cable. Going to have to wait to see how any of it turned out.

Stay tuned...

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